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It started with an idea

Back in summer I was thinking about doing a series of interviews with people I find inspiring and who I felt have a lot to offer with stories and experiences. My aim is to reach out to these people in the spirit of friendship and respect to share the conversations we have and want to share with you. I’ve got a fair idea of all those I wish to interview and hope that in time I’ll have the opportunity to do just that. Join me in delving into their world and learning more about what their experiences have meant for them and what it could mean for us too.

Interview #001 – A Conversation With Harry Fear

The first person to come to mind when I had the idea to start an interview series was Harry Fear. You may know him through his documentary journalism during his time in Gaza and when reporting for RT in more recent years. I’ve followed his career since late 2012 when he was in Gaza reporting live during Operation Pillar of Cloud.

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Interview #002 – A Conversation With Naziyah Mahmood

A bonafide badass taking on the world of STEM and Martial Arts, Naziyah crept onto my radar a number of years ago when I read an article about her. Our two hour long conversation took us on a journey of exploring what it means to us to start where you are and grow from there.

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